Laser Floater Treatment (Laser Vitreolysis)

Laser Floater Treatment (Laser Vitreolysis)

What are Eye Floaters?

Eye Floaters are little “cob webs” or specs that float in your field of vision.

They are seen in front of either one or both of your eyes, and are often described as being circular in shape, but can look like spots, thread like strands or squiggly lines.

What is Laser Floater Treatment?

Laser Floater Treatment (LFT) is a non- invasive procedure that can be performed in rooms, and can eliminate the visual disturbances that are caused by eye floaters (“cob webs” or specs that float in your field of vision) .

LFT Involves the application of nano-second pulses of laser light to evaporate the eye floaters. The floater’s collagen and hyaluronin molecules are converted into a gas which is absorbed into the vitreous.


For more information please read the LFT Patient Education Brochure